Monday, July 16, 2012

For The Land Girls

Been watching The Land Girls and loved this one girls hairstyle so I thought I would do a recreation of it.I left it messy looking because I doubt thier hair was perfect while they worked so hard.To me this style was a night befores do and she just put it up the next morning before her day began.So here are some pics my mom took with her camera of my land girl self doing you enjoy it.Please click the links to view my how to tutorial.

Here is the link to part one.My moms camera died in the middle so had to do the video in two parts.

To watch part two click the link below

Have a good


  1. Looks like you met a smurf :) When did you do that, lol! I missed it, lookin lovely doll, Xxo!

  2. That looks really cute...I'll have to try it!

  3. You look so cute!! Love your hair-do.

  4. Adore your hairstyle, especially the back rool!