Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In My Heyday

Hi everyone.Here are some photos of me in my new high waisted trousers from Heyday.I have had them a month and this is the first time wearing them.They are very comfy and I love the material.They feel like a trousers should feel.I love my high waisted pants but sometimes the material and be to stretchy and they end up shrinking and not fitting me.I ordered a size 10 cuz that is what size my red ones are even though they aren't from heyday.I am thinking I should have gotten an 8 cuz they are kind of baggy in the crotch.Ugggh sometimes I really hate my figure.My mom took the photos for me so sorry for the blur.sun is very bright out so I did plenty of have a nice if you have been interested in Heydays clothing I highly recommend them.they are very well made and I can't wait to get more.And she sent me a lovely little note in the package and the shipping to the US was very quick.Here is their link so you can order your favorites.

My hairstyle today.Party in the

 What the back looks like.

My little black wedgies.

Hope everyone has had a nice day.xx

Love Yoli


  1. Your hair is gorgeous!! Great pants. Sweetie, I'll pay you fifty million bucks to remove the auto music - it gives the game away if I try to sneak in a quick blog view during my lunch hour at work! Sarah xxx

  2. love your pants!

  3. Those pants fit you so cute!purple hair looks good on ya.
    love your black wedgies.