Friday, July 27, 2012

Tropical Princess

Today I felt like being a tropical princess.Finally wearing this cute outfit my hubby got me.I did fushia color in my hair.No more blue purple.I love the magenta and the fushia together.It is so hot down here.I will make me some hawaiian martini's and have Dora come over with her banana and strawberry cute ness with her ukelela and have a drunken sing song.Better yet everyone come to my house for a tropical party.Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Happy Frock Friday.Look even jetta wanted in on it.Lol.

Moved into the shade cuz the sun was making me squinty.

Close up.why does my hair go perfect when I have no wear to go?lol

Did my rolls to shape into a heart.

my these at TJ Maxx.Comfy too.



  1. Gorgeous Yoli!
    I love your tropical frock! Your magenta hair roll and make up is divine.
    Adore this shade of lupstick on you.
    Adding you to mis prostis on my page.
    Pretty pink shoes, I would love to go and get our drink on.

  2. Thank you.ooh the prostis page.xx

    1. wow you look so stunning beautiful here! that dress is to die for, this blue goes so well with your red hair and oh i love your hairdo;)

  3. You look amazing, love your perfect hair !

  4. Yoli, you look like you stepped right out of the 1940s! How pretty! What is that nice summery lipstick you have on?

  5. You look absolutely beautiful! I love the colour of your hair and how fabulous that dress looks on you! xxx

  6. Your hair is GORGEOUS! I love the color of it and the style. =D

  7. Your hair is incredible. I have such admiration for anyone who has the patience to make their hair look so darn awesome! Mine is distinctly un-awesome!

  8. I absolutely LOOOOOVE your hair!

    The dress is of course beautiful too. :)