Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I Have Been Doing

Sorry for neglecting my blog everyone.No camera for photos and working like a dog since hubby left.Also been taking care of kittie spice.She had her poor little tail docked and they took the stitches out the other day.She now has to wear the ugly cone around her neck till her tail is healed.So hopefully wed she will get that thing off.She bumps into things and makes a mess when she tries to eat.But she is so sweet and loves cuddles.I will try to post some photos soon.I will have to borrow my moms camera till I get one.Even my youtube channel has been's been hot here in the dirty south.about 90's or higher and the heat index making it 109.disgusting.I nag my husband every day on the phone to move me to england.I know I shouldn't be bitching but i hate hot air and the sun hurts my it was 60 or 70 all year i would be happy.Hope everyone is having a nice summer.I also have some goodies I need to post about that I got from ELF.I haven't done much shopping for antiques or anything since trying to save for immigration paperwork.I have warned my hubby if things aren't sent off before oct.He is moving me to England.This is the worst seperation we have had,anyway enough no music plays anymore looks like they decided on somerthing different with the music player so I deleted it.Such a shame I always like putting new songs on it.Will have to find another site that does them.See you all soon.xx

Love Yoli.xxxx


  1. Keep your head up Yoli. Glad to see your post. It has been hot here in PA too, but that southern humidity is harsh!

  2. Oh poor little kitty with the broken tail - thank you so much for adopting her and taking such great care of her - she's lucky she found you! I hate the humidity too - but I'm currently complaining about the freezing cold - so come visit me any time! Sarah xxx

  3. Oh I hate those blasted cones! When Jersey had to wear one for like two weeks it was HORRIBLE. He hated it and didn't like to even walk around with it on. Then if he hit it into the wall, the noise would freak him out and he would start running smashing into things.

    I hope Spice is back to 100% soon. After the cone is off she will be a SUPER HAPPY kitty. No more broken tail and cones for her.

  4. thanks kittie spice goes wed hope they take the thing off.It's hard to give her her medicine.She doesn't let it stop her.she bumps into things walks she rus and jumps