Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm Back

Hello everyone.So sorry I have not posted in ages.My computer crashed almost 2 weeks ago and trying to use my moms was to much trouble.It is super small and super received my new computer today and Now I can post and get my blog back on track.I still have no camera so will just have to use my moms till I get a new one.I love my new comp.It's a Dell and I was nervous to get it cuz I loved my sony vaio so much but didn't know how long it would take me to get the money for a new one at best buy so mom showed me good ol make 6 payments which sucks but I got it in a week.would take me till tax season to get one at a store.So I am back and hopefully will have a frock friday for tomorrow.Hope everyone has been good.I will be catching up on everyones blogs this weekend.I know I sure have alot to catch up

Love Yoli


  1. You're back! We've missed you :-)
    Congrats on the new computer!
    My camera finally died yesterday (I knew it was coming) so now I have to go shop for a new you have any thoughts about what camera you'll get?

  2. I am thinking on a lumix if I spelled that right.My husband has one and I liked it when mine died.why do things have to break down.:(