Sunday, August 5, 2012

Missing Marilyn

Wow can't believe today marks 50 years since Marilyn Monroes death.It's still sad that this beautiful woman is no longer with us.So this blog post is for Marylin.I used to not care for her till I saw Some Like It Hot and was amazed with her.I got this book a few days ago and thought I would share some photos from it.She had such natural beauty and was so photogenic.It's no wonder so many girls want to be like her.And I wish I had her curves.

My book I got where I work.I am a big fan of Life magazine and collect issues from 1940 to the 59.So had to get this book.

Not sure you can see but the polish is worn on the tips of her nails,and one broke pinky always check out peoples

Love this photo.Wonder what she was laughing about when I look at it.

Always loved her eye brow shape and her full lips.

wonder if she new they took her photo in this one.Also looks like she is deep in thought.

Love her big smile.

not a clear fail.

Love this photo of Marilyn and Jane.

She looks so adorable in this photo.

The only photo I don't like.She looks tired and stressed and like she needs a holiday.

Love this one

The back of the book.

Hope everyone is having a nice sunday.What are your favorites about marilyn?

Love Yoli


  1. Ah,lovely tribute post,darling!!
    I have been long obsessed with Marilyn,and I have many books on her!
    That pic of her and Jane inbetween takes if my fave of the ones you've posted!She was fabulous,truly fabulous!

  2. I think she had a perfect figure. Curvy but not overweight, not too short or too tall. Lucky lady, she was perfect.

  3. Great post!
    I love the movie Niagara...Ive seen it so many times. On the other end of her career, The Misfits is a compelling movie...not one I like to watch again & again (because she seems so sad) but worth seeing, for sure.
    I wrote a blog about MM on Saturday that you might like to read:

  4. hello sweety=))) u have amazin fashion blog=))) so ive add u for dis award:

    have a lovely week dear=)) xx

  5. I love Marilyn Monroe. I like all her films very much! and I have books about her. Great post!!!!

    Greetings from northern Spain :)

  6. Yoli, where are you? You are missed. Hope all is well. Look forward tto hearing from you soon.

  7. The late pictures from the beach are my favourites ... and bus stop, and ... Just love her!