Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Hair Today

Hello I did my make up from my ELF pallet the Evil Queen.It was alot of fun and the colors look beautiful on.So here are some photos of my hair and make up.

I did the daytime look.


No one would take my pic so i look annoyed in my

I needed my glasses to

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.You can view the tutorial by going to the link.

Love Yoli.xxxx

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Dita

Happy 40th birthday to Dita Von Teese.She is truely an icon for today.Hope she has a beautiful day with lots of cake and champagne.Wooo Hoo Dita.Here are some of my favorite pics.

Love Yoli

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Greedy Villain In Me

Hello everyone.I am super excited to post about the ELF makeup palettes I got today.They are from The Villain series.Probably for halloween coming up.I found out about these a few days ago from a fellow youtube buddy.She always finds cool things.Well she showed all her viewers these lovely palettes and I started drooling and thinking how much I had to have all three.They are only sold at walgreens,well selected ones.The one down the street from me didn't have them,so today I went to the beach and went to the walgreens there and yay.I bought all three.they are only $9.99 each.Not bad at all and you get lovely products.I have been using ELF products about a year now and have acquired a hoard collection of eye shadow pallets and everything shadows stay on all day even without a primer.So I highly recommend trying them.Anyway back to the three lovely evils.

The most beautiful Villains ever written.Cruella ,Maleficent,Evil Queen.

Lets Look at Cruella'a evil Looks.

Very Pretty browns and golds,includes false eye lashes and glue,eye shadow primer,lip and cheek pencil,and liquid eye liner.

Inside Cruellas evil look book.

Turn the page behind the mirror and you find her daytime look.

Flip the side of her cruel face for the evening look.

Next is the evil looks by Maleficent.

Lovely Purples and greys.Also eyelashes and glue and ect.The eye lashes are nice and pointy fluttery.

Inside Maleficent's evil look book.

Behind the mirror is Maleficents daytime look.

The evil night time look.

And finally The Evil Queen.She reminds me of Bette Davis.

Just love the eyelashes in this set.

Inside her evil look book.

The Evil Queens daytime look.

The Evil Queens night time look.Love it..

Hope all you ladies who want one are able to find them near you.If your out of the US check ELF's website and see if they have a pharmacy near you that may carry them.I did that to find the walgreens near me.and there were only 2.I was shocked I actually found them.I will do a tutorial on each one soon.

Love Yoli xxxx

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm A Head Vase Head Case

Today I got a surprise from the hubby.This lovely head vase to add to my collection.More like a need to name her.

Just love her make up and eyelashes.

beautiful rose on her hat.

Love her pearl earrings.

I was so excited when I opened the box I did the famous helga squeeee.Thanks hubby.So what do you ladies collect ?

Love Yoli.xxxxxx

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hair Vanity Today

Today I did my hair from this pic I found on yahoo while trying to find a kitten it was really cute and would be easy to do.This definatley will be one of my many favorite styles to do.Here are some pics of my version.

pardon my messy
look from the front.

went outside 

always junk in the back ground ofmy

Hope everyone has had a nice day,

Love Yoli

Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Like Rita

Hello.Finally A frock friday post.I decided to do a simple style like my idol miss Rita Hayworth.I was looking through photos and found this one.I got all excited that I found it.Rita in a very cute up do with a doberman.Mine is slightly different.I have on my black jumper and my grey freddies highwaisted jeans.

Me and my blue doberman Britta

Had to be fast cuz britta wanted to run away.

Jetta didn't like britta being the center of atteention and jumped in front of the camera to

Then jetta decided to show her

Everyone posing nicely.Or is jetta and britta never speaking again?lol

I started getting the giggles.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.Happy

Love Yoli