Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Like Rita

Hello.Finally A frock friday post.I decided to do a simple style like my idol miss Rita Hayworth.I was looking through photos and found this one.I got all excited that I found it.Rita in a very cute up do with a doberman.Mine is slightly different.I have on my black jumper and my grey freddies highwaisted jeans.

Me and my blue doberman Britta

Had to be fast cuz britta wanted to run away.

Jetta didn't like britta being the center of atteention and jumped in front of the camera to

Then jetta decided to show her

Everyone posing nicely.Or is jetta and britta never speaking again?lol

I started getting the giggles.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.Happy

Love Yoli


  1. Thank you sari.wish I was able to pose better but britta was ready to

  2. These photos are so sweet. Britta is so cute as is Jetta!
    You look Gorgeous Yoli, I adore your hair.