Saturday, October 20, 2012

Falling For Fall

Hello everyone.Sorry it's been a while since a recent post.Been working and just been lazy lately.Have the weekend off so thought I would do my hair and make up today.I also did a tutorial for my make up.Here is todays hair and make up look for fall.

I rolled all of the hair in from of my ears and my bangs in the pink sponge rollers.I didn't feel like sleeping in a whole head set in them so this morning I used my hot sticks in the back.Then did my pomp bang swirl on top and two little swirls.added my fall flowers from claires.

Like Rita Hayworth I am giving good face.

For my make up I did oranges from center of my lid to the edge.I used a dark brown at the corner edge.A dark green on my crease witch went a little to much with my crease brush.oopsy.A gold in the inner corner and a yellowy frosty chamagne color on the brow bone.
Lipstick is wet and wilds matte orange red in the color Purty Persimmon/reflet orange #970

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.New look

Love Yoli xxxxxxx


  1. You look beautiful and I adore the colour of that lipstick, so pretty! x