Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simple Sunday

I decided o have a simple sunday with my hair today.Ponytail with a roll bang and a pretty purple scarf to match the flowers on my little cardi.

My Make up.You can hardly see my pretty shadows.Why is there never good lighting for my pics?Lol.

The look came from this little book.

Even though these colors are for the cheeks I couldn't resist using the top light pink on the left and the dark plum on bottom left for my eyes.My camera doesn't do justice.

I love using these two mascaras together.Even by themselves they are the best.Telescopic Explosion by Loreal and Cheater by The Balm.

The best gel liner.Maybeline Eyestudio.

One of my favorite old ass lipstick.Summer Grape by Tropez.

Love Yoli xxxx


  1. You look super cute! I really like the Maybeline eyeliner. The brush they include is really great for applying eyeliner smoothly and precisely.

  2. You look stunning! That make-up packaging is gorgeous! x

  3. You look very lovely, I do love that cardi your wearing. Oh gosh, isnt that eye shadow palette so cute, I want one!!!
    Love Lil x