Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Slice Of Kittie Spice

Hello everyone.I thought I would share some photos I took of Kittie Spice a few days ago.Just to let you all know how well she is doing and how happy she is since we adopted her.

She is so pretty.

I interupted her sleeping

I love her.

Kittie Spice and Jetta having a face

Sleepy Spice

One Last Kittie Spice pose.

She has grown so much and is so much healthier than when Max found her.No more fleas and no more ear mites.She has caught 3 mice and is one happy kittie.

Love Yoli


  1. She is such a beautiful happy girl! I'm glad she found a loving home with you. A kitty who catches mice is a happy kitty.

  2. She is an absolute beauty, your care and love has helped her become an even more gorgeous cat than she was when you found her. x

  3. Spice is so cute. I love her markings & what a sweet little face.

  4. She is the sweetest little cat.She will lick my hand and bury her face in it cuz she wants me to scratch her ears then she decides to give a little bite then she puts her face in my hand