Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How I Did My Rolls

Hi everyone.sorry I haven't posted in ages.Just can't be bothered lately.So thought I would share a tutorial I did for my victory rolls.I was getting sick of doing the same side roll and pomp roll so parted my hair in the middle and did two rolls.Max said I have a heart on my't notice till I looked at the you all like it.I will be posting more soon I


  1. I really MUST give this a go! Every now and then I get bored (usually when my hair needs colouring) with my usual style!
    Nice one,sweetie! XXX

  2. thanks.I need color so bad.I'm afraid to go out in

  3. Thanks, this tutorial really helped, am currently trying to perfect mine before I make a tutorial.
    Love Lil x

  4. I love your hairstyle. Having a heart on your head sounds like a good thing to do. =D
    You are looking gorgeous.