Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here Comes Suzie Snowflake

Hello everyone.Sorry I am a slacker from posting.I'm just lazy.lol.
Today I decided to be suzie snowflake and do a nice wintery make up look.I will post the tutorial of how I did it.I warn you it's a long one.lol.
But before I share the video here are some photos of my look.

Hate the camera lighting.

can only see a little sparkle.

My smirky smirk.lol.

Hope everyone had a nice day.

Love Yoli.xxxxxx


  1. You look gorgeous, you are such a clever bunny when it comes to all things beauty! x

  2. I am totally in love with your hair!
    It looks so awesome Yoli.
    Your winter makeup is so pretty. =D

  3. Thank you ladies.I have a new years look coming soon.Can't believe how fast the year has gone.xx

  4. I literally gasped when I saw these photos - you look so, so incredibly lovely! I recently bought some blue eye shadow. It struck me that I hadn't worn any (best I can recall) since I was a teenager, it felt like it was high time I played around with it again.

    Wishing you a joyful holiday season, gorgeous gal!
    ♥ Jessica