Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

Today I had the day off so I wore a pair of my favorite freddies jeans and my saddle shoes.

I did my hair in swirls.A new way to work my bettie bangs till they grow back out.Damn bleach.I was doing so well too.Oh well it's just hair and it grows back.

A close up of my swirls and my ugly

 The back I had split in the middle like pigtails and crossed them.and made a swirl at each end.unfortunatly My rose is in the way.

Hope you all had a nice sunday.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Firsts Of 2013

Hello.I have bought my firsts of my make up hoard of 2013.It's not much but trying to pinch pennies after the Christmas gift splurge.Time to pay my bills so tried to keep my items in my buggy from growing into a

First red lipstick of 2013.It is by Revlon in the shade Really Red.

 This is a very dark red but as usual the camera flash makes it look light and orangie.It is a matte and very pretty.$6.99

 Next I got my first ELF pallet for 2013.I have a growing collection of ELF pallets.They diserve a post of their

Such beautiful colors.I love the dark greens.$4.99

 I don't need face powder yet but couldn't take my eyes of this one.It's translucent.I don't like tinted powders.It smells lovely too.$6.49

I need new make up brushes,I got a new powder /all purpose brush and a concealer brush.Both by ELF.They really make great brushes.They were each $1.00 at K mart.

 My first piece of jewelry was these lovely braclets.I absolutley love them.$2.99

So what was your first purchases for 2013?

Love Yoli