Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bad Betty

I don't think I have ever complained or vented on my blog.I do that enough all day but today is different.It's different today because what happened to me today is eating away at me and it's left me feeling hurt and very upset.And I truely believe there was no reason for it to happen.

A few weeks ago,my friend sent me a link to betty bags on face book.She told me she had just ordered one and new I would love one too and I would be excited when I saw them.And I was blown away at the beauty when I clicked the link,
Here is the link.


Now she orders the bags custom made I think.and she hand makes the bettys.They really are adorable bags.So I had sent her a messge about getting one and how I wanted the betty.everything was cool.Few weeks went by and last night she made a post she had new bags coming and I decided I would browse what she had again and buy one. I think I got confused what bags were named what and sent her a messege telling her I wanted one like my friends but a different color.I also asked about the leopard print lining on the inside and she sent me a pic.I told her I really liked it and shortly got an email telling me how long we had been chatting about this and to get back in touch when I had an actual confirm for a bag.And the way it was sent made me feel like I was bothering her which made me feel bad so I thought I would messege her back and tell her I would just comment on the photo of the one I wanted cuz I couldn't remember the name of it.and also what betty.Now she makes the bettys herself and she will make them the way you want.I wanted mine t look like me but would plan it when it was time to order.somewhere communication went to shit.

so I found the pic and commented How much I loved the bag and was commented it was sold out.But she never said if she would be getting any in that style so I just decided to no longer comment.I can tell when someone is annoyed.And I didn't want her thinking I was someone "claiming I wanted a bag and never really buying.I can understand people thinking that with things.especially when you make them by hand.

Now I seriously wanted the perfect bag made for me the way I wanted.seemed everyone else had theirs done that way.

So this morning went to work and got home at 3.and in my emails were two messeges from her.Here is what the first one said.

Yolanda, I don't think this is going to work out, and I have tried to explain to you, what I have on order. I would suggest another time. Take Care.

I don't even know what questions I asked apart from trying to get a bag I couldn't remember the name of .maybe I miss understood something she explained but still feel this response was rude and un nessisary.

an hour after she sent that I got this one.I couldn't respond since I was at work when they were sent .

this is the second one.

I have been corresponding with you since Feb 9th, I have no problem answering all your questions, and even sending pictures to accomodate exactly what you want, but I am a very busy betty to keep answering the same questions I have already answered.
I also requested to order when you are ready FIRM ??
I hope you understand I am running a business.
I read these and felt my heart sink,then I got upset being made to feel like I was so stupid.I have never experienced this kind of treatment from someone ever.It really hurt and has worried me all day.She made me feel like shit.It took me a moment to even come up with a response.so here was my response.
I understand you are running a business.and I told you I was ready to order but unfortunatley the bag I want the black and leopard print jungle betty bag is sold out.I will just have to miss out.thanks anyway.

I must say I am very disappointed in what has happeneed.With this experiance of very rude treatment I will not order now.It's a real shame.It makes me so sad and really bothers me that I have been treated this way.She can stick her bags up her ass.

Anyway hopefully no more negative and ranty posts.


  1. Ay, No!
    Such a shame cause you really wanted the bag. I say tell her how you feel and get the bag you specifically wanted.Such unprofessional people don't they want to make mula. I was going to order one ,but how rude is that message you got. I always ask a million questions when I am buying. WTF!!


    Hope you feel better.

  2. I don't know.It truely made me speechless.Not saying others shouldn't order though.

  3. Wow that was really bitchy on her side. Part of running a business is answering questions repeatedly.

    I'm so sorry that she made you feel like that. No person should ever make you feel stupid.

  4. Yoli,
    When you are spending your hard earned money why shouldn't you ask whatever you want? That was so rude and unnecessary for that person to be so rude. It's your money, and happy customers make her money. I'm not even interested in those bags now.... Can't stand rude people. Find yourself another place to get a bag, you are too sweet to be treated like that.