Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rocka Bunny Weekender

So I missed Viva this year so my husband and I went to the second Rocka Bunny Weekender.It was fun but nothing like Viva.So here are pics from my weekend of fun with my hubby.I skipped on entering the pinup contest and the rocka bunny contest.and I lost in the tattoo contest.Guess cuz I didn't get my tits out.or pull my pants

Day one.didn't feel like doing my hair so wore my levis and a ponytail.

Does the car match my outfit?

Our bartender hula hooping on the bar.She kept my gin and tonics coming.I stuck a dollar in her

My hubby likes his

Took this pic with my new phone on our way back yesterday.

Day two.wearing my rust heyday trousers.they were so comfy.

They make some moonshine that will put hair on your

Had my cards read by Jennifer.She was so sweet and friendly.And my reading was really good.

Took this pic for Dora.I think she would have loved her outfit.


I like trucks

Hubby playing with skie paige

Plunk plunk plunk

waiting for the band.

Me and my hubby

I was tagged in a photo from the tattoo contest so had to put it in here for you.I didn't win though.:(

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend and lovely

Love Yoli.xx