Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Day In Wilmington

Yesterday my husband and I took a road trip to Wilmington NC. where I used to live.I really miss living there.It has so much history and everything is close by.We plan on moving back there I think once our immigration stuff is finished.

On the way down I played with the camera while he

I have been wearing this red lipstick alot now.It has become a favorite red.It is Revlons Really Red matte lipstick.I better buy lots more before they sneak attack and discontinue always worry after I find something I really like.

First stop was a must at the tea room.We always go for lunch or breakfast when we are there.This was our cute little table.
Now I love my English teas and I love dark tea.But I decided to go for something differen since they have so much to choose from.This was my vanilla cream tea.It tastes like a warm cream soda.Very very yummy.

Hubby teasing the queen sticks her pinky out when she drinks

For lunch I had the veggie sandwich with asian salad.The marble bread is so good.I ate everything on my

My husband got the ham and cheese.and asian he is digging in his

This is how I hold my tea

Aparently fairies live in my

Had a great time in Wilmington.we will be going back in a week or so for their rockabilly weekender.

Love Yoli.xoxox