Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone.Sorry I have neglected my blog.Seems after Halloween I have been non stop with work especially once the holidays kicked in.Didn't seem to have anytime for myself,blogging or youtube ing.Since it's a new year and finally rid of 2013 I thought I would make a few resolutions.Something I never do cuz I always forget about them.Lol.This year I want to make 2014 a better year for me beauty wise,and health wise and take more time for me,so here are my 12 resolutions since there are 12 months in a year lets see if I can do

1, Nightly facials.2013 had made me really neglect my skin and this year is no more playing around.Mother nature will kick my ass or I guess I should say my face if I don't get with it.

2. Moisturize moisturize moisturize.another thing I rarely did in 2013.I don't normally get dry skin on my face but 2013 seemed to dry me out toward the end.

3. No more not removing my make up before bed.I am so bad with this.At night I am so damn lazy but no more lazy in 2014.

4. Motivation.most of 2013 I had no motivation.seemed like a hassle to set my hair or anything beauty related which isn't like me at all.You can tell by the photos this past year.hardly any frock friday posts or anything.I aim to keep motivating myself to look and feel better and not feel it's a hassle to look good.

5. Keeping a budget when buying make up.2013 I became a make up hoarder buying loads of things I still haven't opened.For some reason it became an obsession.This year I aim to finish products before compulsively buying something else.

6. Chanel.This will be the one expensive  treat this year.I really love Chanel products to this won't be a compulsive buy.And even though I have the wrong foundation I will use it up before buying the Matte

7. Better hair care.This is always an on going thing.Especially now that I am platinum my hair is dixie fried to the point of wanting to shave my head sometimes cuz it would be I would die if I did that so will be using less heat and more conditioning and far Mystic Divine products really can find them at sally beauty.I will be doing a post about this soon.

8. Healthy eating.2013 I seemed to eat way to much junk,cake and drinking to much tea and cherry cokes.This year I plan on less nuked dinners and more fruits and veggies,more water,and less caffine.Cake is my biggest weakness and my english hubby always bakes cakes,shortbread,yorkshire puds,and sponge cakes with He isn't going to be happy when I say no

9. More sleep.2013 I found myseld up till 3 am playing candy crush and other fake book games,or watching my favorite shows on netflix.I must stop doing this.2013 had me feeling tired all the time or feeling run down.

10. Less computer time.2013 if I wasn't at work I was on the computer.not getting anything done during the day.becoming a lazy I am going to try less computer time when not at work.Making to do list for my day and getting them done first and when on the computer try to log off by 9:00pm.

11. More Exercise.I need to start with walking.Something I really hate.My husband like to walk the dog and always wants me to come and I whine and I hate more walking this year and getting more active.

And finally

12. Purge my make up.Get rid of all the old make up including lipstick and nail polish that I never use and that are just growing germs or whatever else happens when they sit there.My vanity is full of make up that I don't time to get rid and be more organised.

So thats my 12 beauty resolutions for 2014.I am challenging myself to do them this  year.So what are your beauty resolutions for 2014.

Love Yoli.xxxx